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You can now purchase our ISO 45001 Document Library!

As well as delivering ISO 45001 training courses nationally, we have created a comprehensive library of 70 document templates ready for you to use to fully account for ISO 45001 activities, which is now available to purchase from our online shop:

The ISO 45001 Standard requires documented information for specific clauses, and this forms the basis of our product.

All the documents are provided in fully editable format, in either Word or Excel. These documents will help you implement your OH&S management system, in accordance with the standard.

Implementing ISO 45001

We are also busy helping clients implement ISO 45001, with our expert consultants providing support through the process of implementation, where typically there are four phases:

Phase 1 Gap Analysis - To establish where you are now and the main actions that need to be addressed to achieve full compliance with the chosen standard.

Phase 2 Development of the Relevant Management System (with associated policies, processes, procedures and documents). At this stage an initial audit is arranged with a UKAS-accredited certification body.

Phase 3 Implementation - Training is provided for employees and the management system becomes embedded.

Phase 4 Internal Audit - To determine the level of compliance with the management system and the standard itself. The audit confirms that the system has been implemented effectively across the organisation. A management review is also conducted during Phase 4 in readiness for the Stage 2 certification body assessment. This is the final step to certification to the relevant standard.

If you would like to know more about ISO 45001 or would like to discuss the prospect of implementing the Standard within your organisation then please call us on 0800 0836458 or e-mail


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