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Would these benefit from multi-user access anytime, anywhere as a web-based solution ?​

Based on your business needs we can demonstrate you similar functionality using a web-based Knack database then agree requirements to develop a prototype at low cost in order for you to be confident that this is a viable solution. We can then agree the specification for additional work required to develop a Version 1.0 application and this can be completed for you on a fixed price or an hourly rate basis.


We can also provide you ongoing support and development of the database application as part of a service contract. For reference a Knack subscription is currently £280/year Starter or £566/year Pro for an unlimited amount of users but as this is all web based no other software purchases would be required.


Typical phases of our Database Development process:

1. Design and prototype application

2. Develop application to match needs (Version 1.0)

3. Ongoing support and development

Do you currently use spreadsheets or standalone databases for your business needs ?

View our case study to find out more about the functionality a custom database can provide.

View our project development methodology to see how the process would work.

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