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National Eye Health Week 2018 - 24th to 30th September

This year’s National Eye Health Week is set to take place from the 24th to 30th September 2018.

Like other awareness campaigns, this campaign aims to inspire and educate people on the importance of eye health and why they should go for regular sight tests.

If you use a computer, or laptop in the workplace; as a display screen equipment user, it is advisable to have regular sight tests.

A Display Screen Equipment (DSE) user can be defined as:

An employee who habitually uses display screen equipment as a significant part of their normal work, whether they are employed at their employer’s workstation, at a workstation at home or another employer’s workstation.

We offer two affordable on-line DSE Assessment Training options:

Display Screen Equipment Awareness - just £15.00 + VAT, and;

Assessing Display Screen Equipment - just £20.00 + VAT.

Our courses fulfil your statutory training obligations and covers among other things, the correct way to set up and use your display screen equipment safely. Reducing the risk of work related conditions.

Our DSE Awareness course is now approved exclusively by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Managers (IIRSM) - an independent charity that provides practical support and recognition to everyone involved in managing risks to benefit people, society, government, and business.


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