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BS 45002-2 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

A clear understanding of risks and opportunities is critical to OH&S management. BSI have reviewed ISO 45001’s requirements in this area and concluded that users would find more guidance useful.

This British Standard provides guidance on identifying and managing risks and opportunities in an OH&S management system. It will help organisations meet the relevant requirements in BS ISO 45001.

This standard:

  • Recognises that the introduction of the term ‘opportunities’ can be difficult for users only used to dealing with risk;

  • Provides additional, in-depth guidance in plain language that helps organisations ensure they understand the level of risk assessment required when applying ISO 45001;

  • Is suitable for any organisation irrespective of size, sector or maturity, but was written especially with small businesses in mind.

There’s clear evidence that organisations gain better motivated workers and fewer lost time incidents when they pay more attention to OH&S.


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