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Brexit – What happens to your H&S responsibilities?

Will there be a Deal? Won’t there be a Deal? As yet, this is not clear.

What is clear is that your current Health and safety protections, and your duties to protect the health and safety of your people, will not change with Brexit.

HSE have made minor amendments to regulations by removing EU references but, the legal requirements, and the protections these provide, will be the same after Brexit as they are now.

After Brexit, you should continue to manage your business and employees in the same way; to reduce risk and to protect the people and the environment you have a responsibility for.

For Government guidance on how to prepare if the UK leaves the EU with no deal, visit:

The UK is strongly committed to the effective and safe management of chemicals. This will not change after Brexit. For more information regarding REACH and preparations for an Implementation period, visit:

If you are unclear what your health and safety responsibilities are, please contact us on 0800 0836458, or e-mail


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