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Have You Heard We Are Running ISO 45001 Training Course?

As you may be aware (how could you have missed it) the new global health and safety standard ISO 45001 was published on the 12th of March this year.

In preparation for the migration to this new standard, we have developed 5 training courses to help you get to grips with the requirements. All these courses have been designed to meet the requirements of the relevant IRCA course specifications. Our courses include:

1-Day Foundation Course

2-Day Transition Course (for OHSAS 18001 auditors)

2-Day Internal Auditor Course

3-Day Conversion Course (for ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 auditors)

5-Day Lead Auditor Course

These courses can be found on our Events page, along with a helpful 2-minute audio clip to advise which course is most suitable for your needs.

However, we have also found, clients are interested in obtaining tailored training courses. These provide more targeted learning relevant for the organisation and integrated with existing management systems. These bespoke courses provide an efficient pathway to fill gaps in knowledge and skill, around the new standard.

Our team of expert trainers have been closely involved in the development of the standard, and provide an authoritative interpretation of its requirements, for auditors and implementers.

If you would like to know more about any of our courses, please contact us via our enquiry form, or e-mail us at for more details.


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