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FDIS ISO 45001 Ballot Result Announced

The ballot count resulted in the approval of the FDIS 45001, 93% of participating members voted in favour. This is well beyond the threshold required for adoption and will result in the standard being published in due course. Because there were some comments for correction raised by several national standards bodies ISO will consider them, though at this stage the length of this process is unknown.

However, it should not be more than a few months before the approved standard is published. Our colleague Chris J Ward has been a member of the BSI committee for drafting this new Standard. Chris provides online support services and products to support businesses all over the world. Check out his new website at which provides you with more details of the FDIS and what is now likely to be in the published standard. He will be offering a range of online services, from initial self-assessment through to self-verification, with a variety of online training courses designed to address the key requirements of the standard.

At Standerwick Safety Partnership, we will be providing support to Chris to deliver consultancy and training services across the UK.


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