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Case Study: Management System Development and Support, Clubs & Players Databases

The South Wales Women’s and Girls’ League (SWWGL) is the biggest female football league in Wales with over 55 clubs, 175 teams and 2300 players. This means there is a significant workload in adding and updating information which used to be done with a combination of spreadsheets and paper based systems.

In 2016, we developed a Player registration system using the web-based Knack database to fully replace paper based Registration Cards and Team Sheets with a fully electronic system. This includes allowing any member of the public to add new players and authorised Club users to update their player details. League administrators can do all of their review and approvals online as well as view comprehensive reports and charts of players by age and club. This has resulted in major improvements in efficiency and report quality for everyone involved.

In 2017, we developed this further by replacing a spreadsheet based system of Club details and Team entries with a web-based Knack database.  This has been extended to provide a comprehensive Club management system with all the details that the League requires including generation of invoices and payment tracking. It has also been utilised to collect feedback surveys, online voting, produce venue maps, club, team and coaches reports as well as managing fines. With the scale of the League the database is essential to effectively manage such large amounts of data in a timely and efficient manner for all users with a fully online system. The level of professionalism we have been able to introduce is unsurpassed in the management of any league in the region.

Several of our clients also benefit from custom made Training Databases using the Knack tool.

These databases demonstrate the potential in extending this type of solution for other sports leagues, community based organisations and businesses. If you wish to find out any more details or discuss a demonstration then please contact us.


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