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Fire Safety: Training is key to preventing fires and keeping your staff safe!

Whatever your business, it’s essential to protect staff by putting in place robust fire safety plans, and training staff to understand what they need to do in terms of preventing fires, and if the worst happens and a fire does break out.

A large number of the 22,000 fires which occur in non-residential properties every year, happen in the workplace.

Retail distribution companies and industrial premises are at most risk of fire breakouts, while food outlets i.e. restaurants, pubs and takeaways – are also in the high-risk category.

As well as the risk of injuries and fatalities, failure to comply with fire safety regulations can hit businesses in the pocket.

Time for training!

We offer a variety of Fire Warden courses; as well as classroom-based learning, we also offer hands-on learning by giving trainees an opportunity to use fire extinguishers and tackle real fires in a controlled environment.

As an alternative, we also offer online fire safety training courses; an interactive learning experience with questions at the end of each module to check your knowledge.

For a Fire Safety Training Course Quote, please contact Lyn on 0800 0836458 or at or, for a free trial of our online Fire Safety courses visit the Online Training section of our website


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